Insurance Express Technology

NBA platform for customer insight and profiling, based on artificial intelligence and machine learning.


INEXT® is the first modular, multi-channel, multi-branch, multi-institution and multi-company digital platform integrated with Artificial Intelligence, able to communicate with the Client, directing him towards the best insurance solution, streamlining the issuing of policies, whether it is a direct, agency or banking channel.

Artificial Intelligence quickly identifies customer preferences and needs and packages tailor-made solutions, seizing opportunities for up-selling, cross-selling and improving user loyalty, thanks to its Recommendation Engine.

An NBA (“Next best action”) platform for customer insight and profiling, to exploit any information available and propose customized offers in real time that cover the needs and insurance requirements of each customer.

Personalized offers in real time to meet the needs and insurance requirements of each client.


INEXT® arises from the need to provide customers with complete coverage packages, guaranteeing all aspects of everyday life, thanks to a single subscription and a single fee.

A vision based on satisfying the customer’s needs at 360 degrees, which definitively abandons sales logic centered on the concept of “product”, shifting the center of gravity towards the idea of insurance in terms of “services” and “protection”.

With a few clicks, you can calculate a quote or a proposal and issue an online policy, based on the real-time analysis of the needs of Customers and Prospects, in compliance with sector regulations, in a dynamic way, with a simple and immediate operation. .


Thanks to a Pricing Simulation based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, INEXT® allows you to segment customers to create the right pricing for each cluster.

Insurance companies can define their segmentation strategy or use a pre-established proprietary module, based on the use of predictive models, which defines the automatic segmentation of customers.

Contrary to traditional approaches based on segmentation and profiling, which require an expensive analytical study to assign each customer to a cluster, in this case it is the data already available to guide the Collaborative Filtering and, therefore, the process of selecting the best offer. .


A web tool designed to provide the various distribution channels with a laboratory for estimating and issuing contracts.

It allows you to define the characteristics of a complete and unified coverage that includes the Non-Life, Life, Third Party Liability classes, choosing together with the Customer which risks to include in your insurance plan, in compliance with sector regulations.

INEXT® can be perfectly integrated into the multiple distribution channels of the Insurance as well as the Bank.

Last but not least, its intuitive and user friendly interface makes any training phase on the distribution network superfluous.