Innovation that creates value


Innovation that creates value

Milan 7 March 2019 at 9.00 – Palazzo delle Stelline, Corso Magenta 61

Innovation that creates value

Insurance Consulting Group SpA , a company focused on consulting services, design and implementation of IT solutions for the insurance world, organizes, in collaboration with Insurance Trade , the conference “Innovation that creates value”.

A reference event for the insurance market that every year brings together the top managers of the main companies and the heads of the institutions to shed light on the state of the sector.

What we will talk about

Natalia Antongiovanni, Business Development Officer of Insurance Consulting Group SpA, will intervene by presenting to the market:


An artificial intelligence (AI) equipped with a cutting-edge voice system capable of interacting on smartphones, tablets, social networks, call centers and websites.


It deals with extracting information from documents of any structure and complexity into data ready to be used in the enterprise, in digital or electronic format through a multi-threaded textual analytics system. Apply Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to retrieve significant entities and keywords, group documents hierarchically, and generate intuitive labels.


It deals with analyzing images of car accidents to recognize the damaged parts of the photographed vehicle, distinguish between heavy and light damages and carry out an initial estimate of the repair both in terms of costs and times, channeling complex and mass claims in a totally automatic way. .

focus on the market

The insurance sector is involved in a radical transformation process that sees the ability to intervene on the value chain for companies, distribution channels and customers as the nerve center.

In the scenario in which the insurance operates, changes in customer needs converge, the entry of new competitors, linked to the world of the web but not only, the consolidation of worlds in which to search for a space to confirm a social role and an offer which is gradually abandoning the concept of product to move on to that of service.

And precisely the ability to decline the service, with evolved forms and in different areas than in the past (even with the creation of ecosystems), is one of the main challenges on which it is articulated. innovation in the insurance world.

Being able to rethink the value chain therefore means not only enriching the many activities based on technology and digital transformation projects, but above all seeking new sources of revenue with strategies that aim at the evolution of the business model: a change of perspective thanks to which to compose and drive a multiplicity of contents capable of building a relationship with the market and strengthening the perception of the value of insurance.

we will analyze together

1. The market scenario and possible interventions to rethink the value chain.

2. The strategies for the evolution of the business model of the companies.

3. The contribution of technology in the transformation process of the company, of the offer, of the distribution and of the relationship with the customer.

4. The role of partnerships and insurtech.

5. Experiences and innovation in distribution models.



Chairman Maria Rosa Alaggio, Director of Insurance Review and Insurance Trade

09.00 – 09.30 – Registration

09.30 – 09.50 – Rethinking the value chain for companies, distribution channels and customers

Enea Dallaglio, CEO of Innovation Team, Mbs Consulting group

09.50 – 10.10 – Insurance: how to stay relevant in the future?

Andreas Moser, managing director of Munich Re Italia

10.10 – 10.30 – Technological innovation at the service of business

Roberto Polli, head of IoT sales southern region at Vodafone

10.30 – 10.50 – Innovation for new sources of income

Luigi Barcarolo, director of insurance analytics and business architecture of the Cattolica group

Sandro Scapellato, marketing and distribution director of the Helvetia group, CEO and CEO of Helvetia Italia Assicurazioni

10.50 – 11.10 – Creating value in the era of “The Game”

Marco Burattino, Guidewire’s Italian sales director

11.10 – 11.30 – Coffee break

11.30 – 12.45 – ROUND TABLE – Strategies and initiatives for the evolution of the business model

Giacomo Gigantiello, transformation director of Axa Italia

Giacomo Lovati, CEO of Alfa Evolution Technology, Pronto Assistance Servizi, Linear Assicurazioni and director of insurance and telematic services of UnipolSai

Gianluca Pipino, operations director of Sara Assicurazioni

Pedro Bernardo Santos, general manager of G-Evolution, Groupama Assicurazioni

Ania *

Zurich *

12.45 – 13.00 – Q&A

13.00 – 14.00 – Lunch

14.00 – 14.20 – Artificial intelligence to conquer the market

Natalia Antongiovanni, business development officer of Icg

14.20 – 14.40 – Internet of things and connected insurance, this is how the world of insurance is changing

Francesco Bardelli, CEO of Generali Jeniot

14.40 – 15.00 – The new frontiers of insurtech

Fabio Brambilla, president of Assofintech

15.00 – 15.20 – Open Insurance: a key to ecosystems

Francesco Zaini, partner of G2 Startups

15.20 – 15.40 – What shares for the value of the insurance?

Vittorio Giusti, chief operating officer of Aviva Italia

3.40 – 4.50 pm – ROUND TABLE – Beyond traditional distribution

Mauro Giacobbe, CEO of

Stefano Longo, director of bank insurance and business development at Net Insurance

Tomaso Mansutti, CEO of Mansutti

Pietro Menghi, CEO of Neosurance

Andrea Sabia, CEO of Bene Assicurazioni

Luigi Viganotti, president of Acb

16.50 – 17.00 – Q&A

17.00 – Closing of works

(*) invited to participate

To register for the event: Insurance Connect