Claims and refunds, the Customer Centricity you were looking for.

Data driven end-to-end module to manage claims and refunds

A single access point for all actors (adjusters, experts, trustees and insured). Integrated, simple and safe processes, driven by a smart workflow.

Automate and optimize workflows: streamline activities to become error free. Give your policyholders a simple and transparent experience.

Isn’t it perfect for your business?

Are you an insurance carrier, an international broker, an ecosystem of services, an MGA or a TPA?

Through Claims you can manage any loss and refund relating to Property & Casualty business, including Individual and Collective risks, Motor Fleets, Medical Expenses, Parametric Policies, Marine Hull & Cargo, Private and Commercial Mobility, Credit and Surety.

Claims supports a Data Driven handling process from first notification of events to payments, including automatic communication with Authorities and statutory data flows.

Exceed every expectation, free your resources and automate processes

Offer your teams a smart work platform that guides their tasks and helps them achieve their targets. Save valuable time by providing the information they need, when and how they need it.
Automate refund requests and compensations. Let your team focus on high value-added activities.

Customer Centricity

A satisfied customer is a loyal customer.

Turn any interaction into an opportunity to learn more about your policyholders. Take advantage of every data available.
Exceed your customers expectations with a unique, quick, accurate and personalized, positive experience. Create trust and top relational content.
Provide your customers with digital self-service facilities and take advantage of third-party services in a timely and reliable manner.

Improve your service levels with a platform that keeps the pace of your business

A personalized service. In line with policyholder’s evolving risk management needs and growing attention to prevention. Much more than just claims handling.

Risk and Crisis Management are essential ingredients in Modern Insurance. Customers ask for protection, prevention and loss mitigation, not just for claims payments

Take advantage of every single IoT data

Today’s technology enables you to monitor the main Health and Safety Indicators (Wearable, Black Box, Home Box), as well as to influence policyholders’ behaviour improving risk management.

The Insurance Claims environment is changing: regular and real-time access to data will enable insurers to offer covers and services on demand.

The ability to manage more granular data is fundamental. Leading Insurers are moving from traditional coverage concepts towards open protection ecosystems made of services from different providers.

Blockchain at your service

Don’t give up with innovation because you don’t know how to handle it!

Experience new technologies and empower your Product Factory with parametric concepts, blockchain, smart contract and oracles notifying events and initiating case handling.

Time to Market in Claims Management

With a little delay compared with other Industries, the insurance world is now involved in major changes, determined by new technologies and by emerging risks (cyber, pandemic, climate change, etc.).

To explore new business models and to create new ecosystems of services you need an increasingly flexible digital platform

Trust providers who really support your quick reactions to any sudden market change, with no interruptions to daily tasks

Simplify your life. Trust modern cognitive technologies

Reduce management costs and increase your process efficiency at all levels integrating AI modules and microservices. Through images, voices and non-structured texts smart analysis you can remove unproductive costs and allocate your staff to more important activities.

SaaS Artificial Intelligence for your business

Classify and validate documents


Extract data from documents and emails


Check identity documents


Detect and quote any vehicle damages


Streamline daily operations

Take advantage of ICG Smart Claims Workflow to easily define when and how to initiate activities and operations, to send communications and letters and to execute controls and monitoring tasks

ICG Claims is based on open and cooperative models, which are complex and reticular rather than only linear-sequential.

Reduce claims assessment and settlement costs through a smarter triage. Improve productivity through smart task assignment based on priority and workload.

What can you offer your team?

A proactive workflow for claims and refunds

Un flusso di lavoro intelligente in grado di guidare e attivare autonomamente il ICG Smart Claim Workflow is ready to drive and activate automatically 70% of daily handling processes. The platform includes triggers to internal and external applications, enabling addition requests to users, communication and engagement notifications, loss estimates and reserves accounting and payments.
Continuous Monitoring of all activities at all levels.


Data Driven Platform

Your own data governance

To improve your decision making process you need facts not just an educated guess. Make decisions on true and timely available data.
To collect, protect, analyze and manage your data you can rely on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, IoT and Advanced Analytics.

Flexible integration and Restful APIs

It is up to you

You have to choose how to interact seamlessly with your partners in the ecosystem.

You can opt for Restful APIs communicating with third-party software, or check operational and integration options based on your infrastructure features with no need for additional coding.

Does it look too complicated?

It has never been so simple instead!

Today’s smart workflows enable the automation af loss estimate, communications management and settlement process. White Box Algorithms help you authorizing payments based on clear rules: if claim’s details does do not satisfy conditions set, the task is assigned to an operator.

The workload is greatly reduced: being automatically responsive to repetitive issues enables your team to focus on interactions that really need human intervention.

Furthermore, a register of interactions with individual customers is the basis of a continuous evolution of profiling, enabling highly personalized proposals and campaigns.


Insurance Suite Claims in pills

A SaaS platform with over 20 years of experience behind, highly configurable and focused on the customer for the insurance sector.
Manage claims and refunds of any Property & Casualty loss through integrated, simple and secure processes, led by a smart workflow.