Insurance Suite P&C


From Policies to Claims, to support state of the art Insurance Solutions

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The entire insurance lifecycle is addressed in a unique, accessible and microservices structure, scalable on demand. Insurance Suite is built upon three technical environments, which are customizable on request and are based on three basic principles: simplification, time to market and safety.

Insurance Suite P&C

Protection Lab

Redesign or create your offer from scratch through a completely no-code tool, which supports the configuration and launch of coverages and insurance lines from any environment . Enable your 360 degrees instant protection products



A unique platform to manage any facet of your current and future insurance offer. Take advantage from the flexibility provided by ICG plug and play services dedicated to contracts and policies administration. A streamlined process from quotations all the way through placement, underwriting and post sales



Provide your customers with a superior claims experience through any channel: online, mobile, telephone or chat. Insurance Suite Claims is based on full digital and totally compliant claims management workflow, in which any actor interacts simply and in real time.


1 .

Keep your insurance portfolio in pace with the market

The process of creating a new insurance product requires skills, attention and technology. When it’s time for action, once all the assumptions, tariff and regulatory aspects have been examined, distribution must start with no delay. ICG Insurance suite removes any issue related to legacy systems and enables seamless products restyling as well as the launch of new protection packages. It will all start in hours or days with ICG low-code / no-code products design lab. Policyenables creation and mix of covers, package design, pricing and commission definition with no coding requirement and from different sources, simply using Microsoft Excel


Time to market





2 .

Simplicity vs Technical complexity

Covering the Protection Gap is one of insurer’s missions. Each policyholder, whether individuals, institutions or companies are exposed to risks of different nature, addresseed by different hedging methods, management rules and financial issues. ICG Insurance Suite keeps all this complexity safe in the heart of its platform, making it configurable, customizable and usable to users in a simple intuitive way and in complete safety.


Hybrid and Full digital IDD compliance

The insurance distribution evolves according to ever changing markets, customers sensitivity and new regulation. These phenomena push towards greater transparency, simplicity and adequacy of insurance offers matched with actual requirements expressed by customers. Insurance Suite and Horusprovide leading insurers with the technology needed to support these instances. Prospects, Customers and Protection Gaps are profiled through ICG IDD Compliant smart engines to enable a totally tailored Customer Journey.





Welcome digital claims end to end

The various actors involved in the claims handling process perform different roles converging towards a fair and timely claims estimation, to ensure compliance, best practice and customer as well as other parties satisfaction. ICG Claims enables insurers to orchestrate the entire process so that anyone authorized to handle claims, including surveyors, adjusters, lawyers and customers can play their role simply and safely. Tracking, security and real time update are the basis of ICG Claims. The platform is powered by smart workflows and OCR capable of optimizing productivity and precision.


Digital integration in the claims ecosystem

The adoption of a new technology for claims handling is a critical choice, whether it is addressed to a specific business line or whether it is a global switch. ICG Insurance Suite native components addressing claims management processes cover every must-have service and can be activated individually, simply opting. The platform has been designed to gradually adapt to insurers strategies: new types of risk, new claims management policies, new interactions with staff, partners and third-party systems.


Plug & Play Claims Management for all classes of business

Each type of loss requires specific handling mechanisms, timing, roles and different procedures. ICG Claims, the claims environment of insurance suite, is ready for use and enables the client to immediately manage claims of any Property & Casualty line, including Specialty Risks, Individual and Collective Risks, Motor Fleets, Medical Expenses, Parametric Policies, Marine Hull and Cargo risks, Credit and Surety. A core claims platform ready to interact with third-party systems through dedicated APIs.

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