SIS Claims-2

SIS Claims
A Claims Management System able to manage all types of claims, based on Artificial Intelligence and Workflow logic, equipped with Tutor Tracking.

A complete platform for the management of all types of claims from reporting to liquidation, highly flexible to adapt to any type of business organization.
The system is based on Work-Flow logic, supported by an efficient profiling of functions and events. The control of the processes and the atomicity of the information allow to have in real time the KPIs useful to the management to monitor operations, times, costs and purposes.

The intelligent workflow
Workflow is fundamental in core business processes, where the degree of complexity is high and the regulations are stringent, as in the case of the claims management process. Artificial Intelligence can analyze large amounts of data in a very short time, with self-learning processes capable of progressively improving system performance.
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, the Workflow observes human tasks and behaviors, developing processes and models starting from the concrete experience of the Company.
The Workflow not only learns from the definition of the processes designed in advance, but also obtains information and elaborates solutions based on the recurring actions and the most performing results derived from common practices, to apply the best action to the event.

Automatic image analysis
Thanks to Artificial Intelligence it is possible in a completely automatic way to acquire and use data and information from any type of photographed or scanned document.
Digitally capturing paper documents, TIFF, JPEG and PDF images, even without fixed layouts, such as invoices, contracts and letters, into electronic files suitable for full-text search and classification and long-term digital archiving.
The document type is automatically detected by script rules or manually assigned by the operator.
With SIS it is finally possible to implement intelligent extraction of entities, events and relationships, resulting in text-based semantic classification of unstructured documents.

The Claims portal
A user-friendly portal for entering and managing the claim, with the support of Artificial Intelligence technologies: chatbot, image recognition, virtual assistant, automatic quotation.
A tool that can be made available to different users: thanks to a refined profiling system, everyone sees only what is in their power.
The agenda of the activities, the central pivot of the system, is built by the work flow engine and by profiling, activating automatic checks and definition of deadlines and priorities.
The portal communicates with external applications and management through service protocols.

Automatic quotation of photo damages
The Horus module, an advanced image analysis engine based on recurring artificial neural networks, is able to process a fully automated telematic report starting from the images of the accident, with an immediate quantification of the damage reported and the related costs and repair times. .
Thanks to SIS and Horus it is possible to channel complex and mass claims in a totally automatic way, without any human intervention, possibly directing the claim to the most suitable bodywork for the type of damage.
An intelligent technology destined to revolutionize and simplify the work of the liquidator, reducing the time and consequently the costs of managing the claim.

The complaint through the virtual assistant
Collect complaints through an automated interface, able to converse with the Customer both via voice and via chat on smartphones, tablets, social networks, call centers and websites.
The Customer can use voice or written chat to communicate important data quickly, or take photographs to speed up the procedure: it is possible to register the entities involved in the accident through the intelligent reading of identification documents, photograph invoices, letters, reports , complaints and thus quickly collect correct and certain data.